Building Financial Strength Starts Here.

Building strength in today’s environment involves more than chasing high earnings. It takes an integrated strategy that includes distribution planning, investment selection, tax planning, and risk management.

At Lanier Capital Management Inc., we:

  • Create individually customized financial plans to accomplish your goals — not ours.
  • Offer advice on all areas of planning — directly and in conjunction with our team of tax and legal professionals.
  • Achieve real risk reduction by addressing all relevant risks, even ones you may not know about.

Implementing a retirement income strategy helps protect you when you need it most.

Our firm is an approved provider of financial services for school systems in the State of Georgia. We provide 403(b) planning for educators in Forsyth County, the City of Buford, Lincoln County, Madison County, Marion County, and Webster County. We have more than 600 educators currently enrolled in 403(b) plans in these school districts.

You’ve worked hard your whole life to provide for those you love. Now, it’s time to ensure that you have a plan to help you enjoy the retirement lifestyle that you so richly deserve. The threat inflation poses to your future buying power is very real. With medical advances and healthy lifestyles increasing longevity, your plan must include retirement income that will keep pace with the cost of living.

We currently offer Assets Under Management services through Center Street Securities, as well as Long-Term Care and Health Care Planning. We’ll help you plan for risks such as large health care expenses, increased taxes, and liability threats. And when the time comes, we’ll help you transfer your assets correctly and efficiently.

Life is full of surprises. How well you live in retirement shouldn’t be one of them.